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Community Engagement
    Teacher Training Trips
  • Offering our resources to others for the benefit of all. 
    2009 - Trip to Kenya for a two-day motivational engagement seminar with teachers from several schools.

    2015 - Engaged with students directly to gather the learning process
             - Evaluation of students together with the local teachers to teach them how to evaluate and use the results of the evaluation
            -  Dedicated teacher training on student engagement and retaining motivation

    While there, we gave motivational speeches to students in different schools, while enjoying the cultural presentations. The teachers then discussed ways of incorporating the culture into their teaching methods.
    Teacher-Parent Seminar
  • From time to time, we create opportunities to engage the community in learning opportunity to learn about the education system and ways they can get involved:

    In 2014 - Collaboration with Worcester State University professors to teach parents to read with their students

    In 2016 - A presentation at St James Anglican church during their education service

    In 2018 - A presenation at St. John Anglican Church, Sutton on reading, college choices and parent engagement in the student learning