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Our Programs

After School Program

At Get Ahead Academic Services, we are committed to providing individualized assistance to your child to place them ahead in their school work. Specialized curriculum is set up, with the standards that each child is expected to achieve at the end of the year. We work with your child, providing further practice on things that they are learning in school, and preparing them for the next lessons that they will cover. We provide a conducive environment to help with homework and school projects in an environment that encourages learning, so when your child comes home, he/she is ready to bond without being held back by school work.

After School General Tutoring

In addition to help with homework and school projects, the student is placed in a program that enhances their understanding of the course work with more tailored practice. The students are paced as an individual and the practice given is aimed at improving their area of weakness. This choice is for the student that is able to self-pace. This class has a ration of about ten students to one teacher.?

Semi-Private Tutoring

This program is aimed at assisting students improve in specific areas of weakness. The program is tailored to the needs of the students, and is driven by the students. The students are placed in groups of three to five students per teacher, placing students with the same needs and abilities together. This is also advantageous for students who learn well from their peers as they can discuss and elaborate concepts to each other.

Private Tutoring

This is a one-on-one tutoring program that is driven by the students to improve their performance in specific areas. Specific topics in Mathematics, Science and English are tackled to improve and set ahead the student's performance. Qualified teachers are set to assist in the areas of need.