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About Us

About the Program

Get Ahead After School Program is a program that focuses on improving student performance in school. We aim to make educating the students an enjoyable journey, and a true foundation to what they will amount to in life. We have a small number of students in order to give each student as much attention as they need to get at par with the set curriculum, and once they are caught up, get ahead of it. 
We have collaborated with Holy Cross College and Worcester State University in the past. Through Holy Cross, the students attend the college and interact with the students there as they get help with their homework. We believe gets them to think college even at a young age. Through Worcester State University, we have held a seminar for parents to enhance their ability to assist with their children's homework, and how to help them with other academic endeavors. We see this as an opportunity to enhance the choices available to our students.
One of the reasons students struggle in school is because they fell off a while back, and the school was not in a place to provide the resources for one on one teaching that will bring them at par. As a result, the student is pulled along with the rest of the class, while not at the same level with it. As time goes by, the student gets less and less of what is taught in class, and they are left behind. 
When the student comes in,  we do an assessment test to get their true reading and math placement. Through the assessment, we are able to place the students in the most appropriate reading level and bring them up to par with the required reading level for their grade.